There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to beautiful men and their long, flowing Rapunzel hair, delicately wrapped up into man buns. Now I am pro-man bun — while some girls find it revolting. I’m going to try to prove to the man bun haters out there, why buns are worth falling in love with.

I’m not trying to place any guy into a man bun box or anything — but I do want to look at a few different types of guys who can really rock their ballet buns.

jared1. First we’ll look at where all hair trends stem from —  the celebrity. Now Jared Leto also has prettier ombre than any girl I’ve seen, but that’s a different story. When celebrities begin to rock a trend (and in this particular case I mean rock), your “Average Joe” begins to wonder if he too can pull it off. It’s the beginning of the man bun success story — and it’s all uphill from here ladies.

2. Next you have your starving artist man bun, which seduces you into their guitar playing — wait — he’s definitely playing the piano — I was distracted by his BEAUTIFUL man bun! Be warned — this man bun will seduce you before his charm and musical prowess do.

3. There is also the hipster man bun — and  although this tea drinking, plaid wearing dude thought he rocked the man bun first — refer back to man bun one for the truth. Don’t get me wrong, this guy still rocks the up-do, but his man bun is just plain condescending. Not cool. 

4. The athletic man bun is a different breed. These buns prefer to hang upside down and need fresh air and the smell of pine to allow them to flourish. The beholder of the bun is fit and outdoorsy. He would take you to the forest for your first date where you  could both carve your feelings into the birch bark tree. tattoo

5. Then there’s the bad ass man bun. That name alone is enough to sweep any girl off of their feet, but this guy doesn’t play around. The man is serious about his bun — I mean you could try and touch it — but don’t say I didn’t warn you first! This man has tattoos, piercings and a delicate bun to contrast his image.      

6. The stylish man bun is one worth checking out on Pinterest or ‘Fuck Yeah, Men With Buns’. The bun screams “I have better style than you” or “Just try to look like me, I dare you!” There is no way you could walk next to this man bun without double checking your outfit of the day.

7. Finally, we have the dreadlocks man bun. Now it takes a certain type to pull off dreadlocks on their own — but dreadlocks and a man bun! This guy is hot, and he knows it. Now step out of his way as he walks that dusty sidewalk like the runway he was made for. 

So now that we are at the end of our journey and have discovered what it is that attracts certain girls to the man bun  — I encourage all men to grow their hair a little longer and grab some elastics from the nearest ‘Shoppers Drug Mart.’ You might just find that the ladies out there will fall in love with you and your bun.

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