With a popular radio show, a seemingly charming personality and a large fan base, Jian Ghomeshi appeared to be a well-liked, successful guy. I didn’t listen to his radio show “Q”  and I don’t know him personally either. Therefore, whatever I have to say in this article is strictly my opinion and has little to do with Jian, but rather the way in which the case has been handled thus far in the public eye.


People seem to like short lists these days so let me break it down for you:

1) As soon as Jian came to the rescue of his own image and posted an explanation as to what was happening and why he was being fired — I sensed fear. He put all of his cards out for the public to see before he was dealt the hand that would ruin his career for good.

2) There is a back and forth going on — people criticizing CBC and telling the network to stay out of it. After Jian’s initial Facebook post, there was support for his side of the story instantaneously, showing that having a strong fan base and a well-liked public personality can act as that “Get Out of Jail Free Card” for the moment (before people come to know the full story). People feel like they know the guy. That’s the problem because we don’t (unless you out there personally know him).

3) This just shows the vindictive nature of the media and the fact that one side of the story can be told and many will believe it. Has nobody read 1984? Social media, again can be a positive tool for us because we are able to believe what we want and express our own opinions. But that is not to say that it is our job to go out and use this privilege to make unjustifiable accusations against men and women we don’t know without further evidence.


4) Now that many women are coming forward — it seems as if the allegations are true and that Jian Ghomeshi is a very sick individual. Although, the fact that he was in the media heightens the power the scandal has in the public eye. To me everything about this case is sick. It is amazing that women are now coming forward and revealing themselves despite the eyes this case has drawn. I truly believe that any information that is brought forward brings down the bad guy and justice can be dealt — but as a spectator I can watch and observe the nightmare at hand — but my opinion is strictly my own without getting too involved.

5) I personally need to stand back and take a lesson from this case. It has shown me that I need to critically think about what I see and hear everyday and to not make any assumptions about articles and videos that are easily accessible — at my fingertips really. I can have an opinion about Jian and about CBC but I need to realize that this is a lesson, and it isn’t my case to battle.

There are two sides to every story. Simply put, but we need to always remember this when looking to the media for fact amid fiction. Think critically and do not make accusations and statements before being presented with all of the information.