There is a new star that has stepped onto Instagram’s red carpet — whose racy pictures and adventurous escapades have been capturing the attention of his 3 million followers and creepers alike. If there were three words that summed up this macho, grizzly man’s Instagram — they would be guns, girls and game.

Just by reading Dan’s description on his Instagram account: ‘danbilzerian’  — we’re given some insight into how this man lives his life: “Actor/Astronaut/Asshole and I play poker sometimes. To contact me, email my assistant at” I mean to give him credit, the guy admits he’s an asshole from the beginning. My take on Dan Bilzerian is that he’s a guy that won a lot of money playing poker and is rolling out the dough and throwing out the bands, expressing his new-found freedom.

You can check out this video by ‘ALL IN Mag’ to hear more of what Dan has to say. He describes his position in the poker world quite confidently saying: “If you look at poker like business, then I would say I’m fucking Bill Gates.”

Dan gives new meaning to the phrase “Dan’s the man,” as guys all over are now emulating the lifestyle this macho man leads. It’shotel-room interesting because from looking at people on Instagram — people being celebrities, or the neighbor down the street from you — without words, pictures somehow give the impression that your favorite person to follow is living the ultimate life. You only snap photos of cool shit — and for the most part people know this (except for the few that find their everyday ham sandwich to be buzz worthy). So if Dan was really capturing the best parts of his life, then what about the pieces we’re not seeing?

I’ve heard the expression a lot these days about the idea that it’s better to be crying in a mansion than to be crying in a shack, which makes sense, but is also an extreme comparison. What I’m trying to get at  — does Dan Bilzerian get bored of his flashy life? I see guys plastering this guys face all over their social media accounts commenting things like: “Man one day I’ll get here!” I just wonder if excessive amounts of guns, girls and game — essentially making it  — is enough to give you a lifetime supply of happiness? 

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