Well the verdicts in and all those cringeworthy no-no’s in the past are what all the cool kids are into. All the fashion faux pas have flown out the window this year. Socks and sandals, check. Overgrown brows, you betcha. Runners and dresses, perfect match. As much as I resist everything else, there is one faux pas I am happy to see revamped and thrown out the window: showing your bra straps.

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The single thing that has always made me cringe is when a perfectly good outfit is ruined by those two little straps playing peekaboo on your shoulders or hanging outside the lines of your racerback. Don’t even get me started when it comes to “invisible” plastic straps. It dawned on me my distaste for these buggers is because they were the only thing on the entire outfit that wasn’t planned. Why should we pay any less attention to our undergarments, especially when they can make us feel so secretively sexy!

1. Free People $20
2. Eberjey $58
3. Sparkle & Fade $39
4. Free People $44
5. MICHI $80
6. One Teaspoon $52
7. BRKLYN $36
8. MICHI $115
9. Victoria’s Secret $58
10. Audrey $43

With so many undergarments available for all the backless, strapless and slinky dresses in style this year, I went on the hunt for the perfect bras to compliment your garments in the best way possible. Simply by promoting an eye to detail, showing your bra now works. For you my beauties, a list of 10 show-off bras to rock and shine brightly from under any backless dress or shirt you wear.

Product Info:

1.Free People Strappy Back Bra – $20
2.Eberjey – Collette Racerback Bralet – $58
3.Sparkle & Fade – Criss Cross Tank Top – $39
4.Free People Galloon Lace Deep V Bra – $44
5.MICHI – Antigravity Bra – $80
6.One Teaspoon – Superman Bodice – $52 SALE
7.BRKLN – Noir Mesh Lace Lingerie – $36
8.MICHI – Medusa Bra – $115
9.Victoria’s Secret – Strappy Back Unlined Plunge Bra – $58
10.Audrey – Lace Banded Crop Top – $43 SALE


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