Writers: Gwen Calista, Julia Myers, and Anne Booth

As we pulled up to VELD in our Uber (having no idea where we were), we didn’t have any trouble finding our way to the gate, as we followed the crowd of teens bopping and cheering about. It was time to experience VELD Round 3, with the weather forecasted to shine on the festival all weekend. With last year’s cancellation and violent weather forces, we were thankful to Mother Nature for blessing us with the perfect VELD weekend.

VELD: Saturday, July 30th 2016

As soon as we stepped into the festival, the music blared through the crowds, and we let the EDM direct our every movement. The crowd was dancing and the mood was meme-worthy. As soon as I stopped dancing, I looked over to find a HUGE bouncy water slide, and I knew I had to experience it–even if I didn’t have a bikini for the job. So, it was amazing (what can I say?). The sun dried up my water slide problems, and I was off to the races again.


I continued over to Galantis and danced myself dry. The energy was amazing, and there were bright colours and confetti flying around to start the day off right! Everyone jumped and sang in unison to the song “Runaway (U & I),” which was definitely my favorite tune. The crowd reflected the unbelievable set, and VELD seemed to keep the energy to a maximum, our first breakfast set giving us the energy we needed for the day. EDM protein. Mmmnn.


Jai Wolf

After Galantis, we went over to a nearby stage where Jai Wolf was performing. For those of you who are scratching your heads after hearing this name, let me tell you, his set was a perfect, dreamy summer soundtrack. So pay attention. The crowd started off stagnant and scattered, and, all of a sudden, we looked around to find ourselves in the middle of a dancing pit; the music uniting the crowd. It was the perfect example of the effect a great set has on the crowd, allowing the music to take control and bring people together.


We waited eagerly for Flume’s set, while hundreds of excited fans gathered to hear their favourite tracks IRL such as: “You & Me” and “Never Be Like You”.  Flume is a favourite of mine, so as soon as his hip-swinging beats hit the stage, I lost all control and was in a dance trance. His fans were swept up in his music, and one young man started crying when “You & Me” came on. I’m not sure if it was all of that raw emotion, or the drugs, but either way–people were feeling his music on a deeper level!

Flume’s set was a great end to the night, and we were ready to go home and sleep off the day. The blaring beats sounded through our ear drums as we drifted off, ready to embrace VELD, Day 2.


VELD: Sunday, July 31st 2016

We woke up groggy and tired from the previous day, but VELD’s second day line-up was calling our names, and we were ready to dance the day away again.

As we waited for our favourites like: The Chainsmokers, Kygo, Martin Garrix, and Majid Jordon, we sipped away the time on our juice in a watermelon, a festival favourite. It kept us hydrated and happy; the perfect festival combination.


The Chainsmokers

This up-and-coming duo has only come up since their hit single “#SELFIE,” in my opinion. What started off as a joke song led them to the success of “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down.” Fire was blazing, and we could feel the heat on our skin as we excitedly danced while trying to get a decent shot of these hotties. Man, do these guys know how to hype up a crowd!


Gwen: Kygo’s music is smooth and effortless, allowing you to feel right with the world and carefree, as you should feel at a music festival. But, something about his music just makes you want to dance until you think you’re going to pass out. And, let me tell you, those are two very conflicting feelings. But, this Norwegian DJ’s tropical electronic beats took us to a warmer climate, and the fire blazing in the background just added to the effect!

Julia: As Majid Jordan finished, we headed over to see a much anticipated Kygo performance. It was everything and more than what I would expect from him. Looking at people’s faces in the crowd, everyone was mesmerized by this moment and truly feeling the love. You just can’t help but feel when listening to his music.


Majid Jordon

Gwen: Majid Jordan, another up-and-coming musician filled in for Travis Scott, as he ended up missing his flight… Originally, I was very upset over this mishap, as he’s one of my favs, but my tears were on hold.

Soon enough, I fell in love with Majid’s sensual voice mixed with Jordon’s sweet R&B beats. Majid came out with his smooth moves and coulourful OVO shirt (btw where can I buy one?) despite people’s premature disappointment about Travis Scott’s cancellation.

Majid even showed his love for Toronto, expressing this by switching his lyrics; “love for a girl” into his “love for Toronto” slyly in the music #Reppinthe6ix. These guys had soul and heart, and you could tell by simply listening to the music. We managed to snap a pic with them and had a brief chat with them after their performance was over. All in all, they seem like a couple of pretty chill dudes!


Julia: With the adrenaline going strong, we ran over to the second stage to see Travis Scott who we were the most excited to see, but we noticed how small the crowd was. Once we found out Travis Scott missed his flight, it all made sense. People were either mad at Travis and wanted to write a personal message to him, enjoying themselves so much they didn’t mind, or fan girling and screaming at the top of their lungs for no particular reason.

The Toronto artists, Majid Jordon turned out to be one of the best surprises. Majid’s beautiful voice captured the growing crowd and there was a sense of euphoria throughout. Better luck next time Travis!

Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix, the 20-year-old legend from Amsterdam graced us for the finale with his mind-blowing performance. The amount of energy transcending from the hundreds of people in the crowd proves what, not only makes good music, but an impact a great performance can have. If watching Martin Garrix’s snapchat of himself DJing can make me feel alive alone, imagine how it feels to be up close and personal with him. You can see and feel the mutual love Martin has with his fans, and his music has a way of making you feel rejuvenated.


Meeting Garrix right after he left the stage, I could almost feel his presence before I even saw him. He was sweaty, short of breath, but radiating positive energy. I think I heard him say “I love you” to his fans every time he caught his breath. It’s a beautiful thing to see someone with so much passion.

When we spoke to him, Garrix said if he could have, he would have kept performing for an hour more and even taken the fine if it meant he could continue doing what he loves. When I asked him where his favourite place to perform was, he genuinely could not give me an answer saying that every place is amazing to him. With this kind of love and drive for what you do, talent like Martin only goes up from here.

13933074_10210789638116124_648126050_n (2)

So that’s it for VELD Round 3. The weather was on the up, the artists were unbelievable, and the crowd vibes were positive throughout. We’re excited for what VELD Round 4 has to offer us, but until then, we’ll be dreaming of later days.

Peace and Love xoxo

Julia, Gwen, and Anne