Universities are taking advantage of social media and students are creating communities where they can laugh, complain, cry or debate over issues your average student might face daily. When exams come into play, it’s no secret that students begin showering less, sweatpants become uniform and the marathon stretches until all care is lost. Being a graduate from the University of Guelph myself, I decided to take a look at the “Overheard at Guelph” page during exam time and see how my school was dealing with the agony.

These are 10 things I learned about exam week while on the “Overheard at Guelph” Facebook page:

10432559_10202468182819505_3691960502361858917_n1. Students become VERY resourceful.

When Guelph students have exams to crunch for, fail or just not give a shit about — it’s never too late to find that perfect studying nest. A student, Brian even went to new lengths to find a pull-out couch to study on. I guess that’s where all the magic happens for Brian during exam week.

2. Cheat sheets become an art. 1939843_10204898767727503_7114497344611873096_n

A student, Erika graced the Overheard page with her mind-blowing cheat sheet. I mean look at that colour coding, that perfect spacing and font so small it will age your ages just looking at it. Looks like cheat sheet making has become an art and few are blessed with such talent.

3. Professors aren’t just killing students with their exams.

1688930_10152847443064350_5409613079925278073_nIt seems that students aren’t the only ones suffering through exams as nutrition professor, Kirkland appears to have taken the life of a fly with one of his exams. At least he admitted where he went wrong and apologized. Now that’s the way to win over your students.

4. Exam memes become a way to bond with one another despite the pain. 

Although exams can be a painful time, students don’t have to go through the stress and agony alone. Memes, show that common feelings of “just not giving a shit,” are normal and allow students to reflect on their poor work habits together. Misery loves company.


5. Heros begin  appearing out of the smoke and wreckage.

Kush Jenkins begins using an event, such as exam week, to drive business. He does a favour for an unsuspecting customer and gives them the option to take the edge off of exams for a while. With the amount of likes and comments on his post, looks like there is a need for what Jenkins has to offer out there this season. Students are now getting high off of exam week it seems.


6. Students run towards cops rather than away from them during exams.

Seems like the police are working to create a better relationship with the students they protect by spreading the love of Tim Horton’s timbits throughout the library. Looks like dealers aren’t the only ones using exam week to get some brownie points from the students. I guess this cop is just trying to bring some happiness to a different kind of prison.

7. Pets continue to be the best therapy.10400018_353127591515950_6755421406067832561_n

A student Jocelyn shared her pet hedgehog with the group and the turned up level of cuteness turned down a bit of the stress and anxiety for students — at least for the moment. Pets bring a little joy back to the students and remind them that exam week is temporary.

8. Let there be squirrels.

No matter what the topic is at hand, squirrels will never fail to be posted during each and every occasion. The squirrel has become the true mascot of the Overheard at Guelph page and they seem to be just as devious as they were back when I was on campus. A rare black squirrel to some is nothing more than a reminder of the Guelph community to students at the university.

9. Naps are necessary.

If you aren’t in the exam room about to press pen or pencil to paper — then napping anywhere else is pretty much fair game. One student shows the group how coming prepared to the library pays off. Bringing a pillow allows for maximum rest and minimum pain after waking. Let’s hope he prepares for his exams like he prepares for his naps.

1496250_10152898252406240_6298817955035478860_o10. Exams aren’t the end of the world.

Though it may seem like it at the time, exams are not the end of the world. A student, Scott posted this moon halo and it reminds students that we are all pretty insignificant when it comes to the world and so are exams. Not to say that students should give up and pray to the moon halo to give them that 90 % they were looking for, but to know that “this too shall pass.”

Good luck to all of the students at the University of Guelph and any students out there that are struggling with exams during this time. I know that it can feel overwhelming, but always remember that you’re not alone and the end is near!

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