BackpackLet’s admit it ladies, we’re all guilty of this one. How many of us have made our significant other carry a few of our things just to avoid carrying a purse ourselves? Your phone, maybe some cash — just the essentials…and a compact…and a pair of gloves since it might get cold…and maybe a lipstick for a quick retouch …and your sunglasses…

No judgement here, been there and done that too. Now, instead of limiting yourself to “just a few” items and using your guy like a human purse how about giving into the newest bag trend. Yup, I said — it’s time to get a backpack.

Now, I’m not talking about a bookbag. A bookbag is what you brought to school, shoved your science textbook into, carried your lunch in, and crammed into a locker. A backpack is a fashionable accessory that conveniently carries everything you need to be a well-adjusted adult while you look incredibly chic doing it. Yes, I know they’re really just synonyms of one another, but it’s important you create a mental distinction between the two. Today, backpacks are quickly becoming the bag of choice for young adults and professionals, and some of the top names in fashion are taking note. I even got one for myself!


Just recently Kylie Jenner may have claimed that you “Can’t Buy Style” in a recent Instagram post, but that hasn’t stopped fashion gawkers from obsessing over the slew of backpacks she’s added to her wardrobe. In the last month she’s showed off a white, quilted bag, as well as an all black piece with long, dramatic straps. If you’re still unsure which bag would best fit your style, you can also check out a few of these photos of backpacks for inspiration. Just a quick glance will show you that backpacks don’t have to be clunky and masculine. The designs of today are stylish and are just yet another versatile addition to your everyday wardrobe. While at first it may feel unusual, I promise you quickly adjust to having free hands. The backpack is here to stay!

Photos via Pinterest