You may have always wanted to do one, but have been terrified at the thought of stripping down to your bare essentials in front of someone unknown. Remember, they are professionals who will make you feel comfortable and guide you every step of the way. I’m giving you 10 reasons right now why you should do a boudoir shoot and they all start and end with you!

boudour1. To look back on. Why not have proof for when you’re older and catch yourself saying “I used to look like that”.

2. It boosts confidence and helps you to love every inch of yourself. The self-discovery and empowerment are only a plus! It’s liberating in so many ways.

3. Having full on hair, makeup, and photo pamper can make you feel like a queen. It might even be addictive, you’ll want to rebook next year.

4. The perfect way to commemorate your weight loss, and inspiration to keep going!

5. It’s an excuse to go shopping for something frivolous!  Also you’ll now have that classy lingerie set for that special someone or night out. Getting dressed up is so much fun!

6. Celebrate a transitional period. Newly engaged? Just had a baby? Milestone birthday? Anniversery? Heck, even a divorce!

7. Correct doubts! Thinking “I’m too big, or not pretty or confident enough”. Nonsense. As cliche as it sounds people come in all different shapes and sizes. The photographer knows how to make everyone look feminine and beautiful. That’s their job. You are a sexy female!

8. Recently out of a relationship? What better way to celebrate being single and return confidence.

9. It’s not about sex. It’s about feeling sexy. Showing your pictures to friends or online is a confidence step in itself. It’s about not letting other people judge you and about you forming your own definition of beauty.


10. Shock your friends and yourself! If it’s something you’ve always wanted to do, be glamorous for a day and do it! The photographer will always put their best effort into making you feel comfortable and maximize your fun experience! Some photographers offer group packages that include wine and strawberries – make a day of it!

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