A new trend has graced the Interwebs recently and it’s getting quite a lot of attention. If you’re not familiar with the dating app ‘Tinder’ by now then you probably have a loving boyfriend/girlfriend, are a hipster and still have your flip phone from the 90s or watched the flick ‘Catfish’ too many times. Tinder is essentially a shopping app for your next date. A picture pops up of a potential prospect in your area and you swipe their desperate looks left (to indicate no) and right (to indicate yes). If you see someone flipping their finger across their phone a million and one times, they might be playing ‘Fruit Ninja,’ but  more than likely — they are just looking for love on Tinder.

tinder trolls

You might be aware that Tinder has a new demographic that’s stepping onto the scene: Tinder TrollsBeware of these Tinder haters because they are looking for laughs — not love. An Internet Troll is a term directed towards those that humiliate others on the Internet, with their witty comments and lack of compassion. Tinder Trolls do essentially the same thing over the dating app and record their conquests on blogs and sappy Tumblr accounts.

There is actually a Tumblr account called Tinder Troll  and images of conversations between troll and Tinder victim remain to be the source of entertainment.

So we now have the humorous trolls covered, but there is also another type of Tinder Troll. This is the girl that was hurt one too many times over a few bad Tinder conversations and has decided to take revenge. Instagram account ‘instagranniepants’ has taken it into her own hands (quite literally) to draw pathetic naked pictures of the men on Tinder who, she felt, were objectifying her.

Tinder JokesSo we’ve looked at the heartless trolls and the trolls that have had their hearts broken — do others exist you ask? Well we haven’t covered the most dangerous kind yet! I’ll call them the Spoiler TrollsThis troll is out to spoil your favorite shows  and we all know that’s the worst thing you can do to a person in the 21st century. I have one trolls very  name and Twitter account ladies and gentlemen — but remember SPOILERS. This Tinder Troll has chosen the art of spoiling ‘Game of Thrones’ to every gal that gets in his way.

 So there you have it! If you are or were once skeptical of Tinder or finding love online — these trolls only confirm your worst fears. Although, if you aren’t afraid to swipe to the right now and then and take your chances, you might find the love you were looking for. There is only one thing I ask of you — please refrain from becoming a new kind of Tinder Troll yourself as we have enough of them out there already. Let the Tinderellas find their princes!

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