You’ve spent the day dreaming about it and the evening prepping for it. Perhaps you even started a couple days ago by cutting down on the extra calories, adding a few more crunches and paying a visit to your esthetician. Whatever your routine, most of us devote a little extra time to ourselves on the day(s) leading up to February the 14th in attempt to impress that someone special on the biggest date night in February – Valentine’s Day.

No matter how much time you spend picking out an outfit, polishing you look and adding the perfect final touches, all the nerves and excitement can lead you to commit some of the most basic cardinal beauty sins. Before you embark on your journey of beautification and glamorization, consider these beauty faux pas.

Valentine’s Day Beauty Faux PasMakeup Overload

A little more blush, a few extra coats of mascara, another layer of lipstick, and there you have it – the perfect clown. This is probably the most common beauty mistake, especially when under pressure. It is also one of the easiest to avoid. Always think: less is more. Use a light hand when applying your makeup, focusing on highlighting your natural beauty instead of covering up your “imperfections”.

Perfume Overdose

If someone can smell you before you’ve even stepped foot in the room, you know you did something wrong. Although having a signature scent can be quite alluring, causing nausea everywhere you go is most definitely an undesirable trait. Avoid this rooky mistake by spraying the perfume in front of you, as to form a cloud, and walking through the light mist.

Identity Theft 

We’ve all been there – you want to impress someone so much, that you end up become someone else entirely. It starts with a new outfit that you’ve been dying to try, a different makeup look that you’re experimenting with, and can go as far as a complete personality change. It may be just for the evening, and there’s no harm in trying new things, but remember to be true to yourself. There’s nothing worse than going on a date with someone and having to put on a performance all night. It also gives your date the wrong idea about who you are, which isn’t fair for either party.

The take away message: be you and have fun! Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love. Even though we want to dress to impress, keep it real. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Before you can love someone else, you have to be able to love yourself.