I love change. Perhaps it’s the Scorpio in me, after all it is the sign of transformation, but I thrive on the desire to constantly evolve. Whether it’s a change in physical appearance – getting a haircut or changing up my style – or one that involves a little more deep digging, like changing a habit, I am always trying to find ways to improve myself.

W Montreal

There are certain moments, events or experiences that make the process a bit easier. Some may even be the source of inspiration. For me, a change of seasons is one of those times. Being an autumn baby, I find myself mesmerized by the changes in nature. Another is travel. Although it is often viewed as therapeutic, travel doesn’t get nearly enough credit for being the amazing vessel for transformation that it is. Opportunities where I can combine the two don’t always present themselves, but when they do – that’s when I know great things will happen.

I was more than thrilled to accept an invitation to stay at W Montreal just in time for the W Double Take – a party in celebration of their very own transformation. For three days I was able to explore the city, experience the culture and fall in love with the food. It’s hard to believe that a two-hour flight from Toronto can open your eyes to an entirely different way of life.

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W Hotels Worldwide, part of Starwood Hotels & Resorts, has been undergoing some big changes in response to the always-evolving market. They are known for their hip, contemporary designs. But what I admire about the newly renovated W Montreal, is it’s ability to reflect the duality of the city. Location, of course, was a source of inspiration for the renovation. Located in the historic Banque du Canada, next to Old Montreal, it combines the iconic architecture and culture of Montreal with the luxury of life in a modern city.

W Montreal

As a soaked in the bathtub of the open concept suite, I was reminded that although change in necessary, it doesn’t have to be dramatic. In fact, change that is subtle, but strategic and well planned, often makes more of an impact.

You never know when inspiration will hit. You may find it in an experience, a book, or sometimes, even a hotel.